Year End Awards


There are a number of Awards and Championships to be awarded to RASDEG Members, please note the following guidelines.

General Criteria:
  • You must be a current full Member of RASDEG.

  • You must have completed your Gold Club volunteer day. 

  • Results are counted from 1st January of the year.

  • The last eligible competition day to have points counted towards these awards is the Member Championships, (see event calendar), or in the case of non RASDEG competitions, 27 October.

  • All ridden awards are for horse & rider combinations. A rider may qualify with more than 1 horse/rider combination.

  • Qualifying classes are dressage classes only (ie. not Prix Caprilli etc)

  • If you qualify for an award you must confirm you would like to receive it by the date specified in the club awards notification communication. You may either be presented with the award at the end of year celebration or arrange to collect your award from the nominated Committee member. Awards will not be posted.

Leaderboard Trophies
General Criteria:
  • Results are from RASDEG Member classes only.

  • Points are allocated based on placings. All placings receive a score (1st 10 points to 10th 1 point). The highest number of points on the specified closing date is awarded Champion.

  • A minimum of 4 tests at a grade must be completed in 2019.

  • There is no limit to the number of tests counted.

Champion/Reserve AWARDS:


For the following levels:

  • Champion and Reserve Preperatory

  • Champion and Reserve Preliminary

  • Champion and Reserve Novice

  • Champion and Reserve Elementary

  • For the following age groups:

  • Champion Master (55+)

  • Champion Adult (21-55)

  • Champion Junior (Up to 21)

NB. Awards will also be made if any horse/rider combination qualifies at above Medium level.

Open High Point Awards
General Criteria:

  • Results from any Participant or Official class at any event (RASDEG or other)

  • Riders must provide proof of their score to the Scoring Co-ordinator, Giovanna Donnithorne-Tait via email only ( by 28 October. This can be a screen shot of the EA results website or a copy of a test sheet.

  • Awards are to the highest percentage submitted in each of the following:


Participant Classes / Competitive Classes

  • Preparatory

  • Preliminary

  • Novice

  • Elementary

  • Medium

  • Preliminary

  • Novice

  • Elemantary

  • Medium

NB: Awards will also be made if any horse/rider combination qualifies at above Medium level.

Performance Awards
General Criteria:

  • Results are from RASDEG Member classes only

  • A minimum of 4 tests at a grade must be completed in the year.

  • Performance Awards are based on achieving 4 test results of the nominated percentage (not an average

  • All horse/rider combinations achieving the nominated percentage who meet the general criteria conditions will receive an award

  • If a Member qualifies for a silver and a gold performance award at a level, only the gold will be awarded

  • If a Member qualifies for a performance award at different levels (e.g. Prelim and Novice) they will receive an award for both levels.

Silver: 58% to <63%
Gold: >=63%

Other Awards


  • Good Sport Award - Notably seen to be encouraging others

  • Highest % Across Any Test, at any RASDEG competition

  • Wendy Tidbold Award - Being A Good Member of the Club. This award was started by Jill Strachan to honour Wendys Legacy and all she has done for the RASDEG Club.

  • Presidents Award - At Presidents Discretion

  • Impromptu Awards

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