​The below Committee is effective until re-election at the 2022 AGM.

To contact any of our Committee members, please use the Contact Us page.

  • President: Elizabeth Henshaw

  • Vice Presidents: Emma Churchill and Liz Bagley

  • Secretary: Jill Strachan

  • Treasurer: Debbie Thompson

  • Judges Co-ordinator: Jenny Watt

  • Competitions Co-ordinator: Andrea Parker

  • Volunteer Co-ordinator: Cheryl King Koi

  • Sponsorship Co-ordinator: Chrissie Hoffman

  • Event Scoring & Results Co-ordinator: Gio Donnithorne-Tait
    (2IC: Daniela Monk)

  • Website Officer: Alexandra Bromley

  • Newsletter Officer: Rachel McArthur

  • Social Media Officers: Lydia Henshaw and Alexandra Bromley

  • Membership Co-ordinator: Warren Sturgess

  • Clinic Co-ordinator: Jan Sturgess

  • EOY Event Co-ordinator: Emma Churchill

  • Grounds Liaison: Liz Bagley

  • Biosecurity Officer: Joanne Nicolson

  • Risk Management Co-ordinator: Jenny Watt

  • WHS Officer: Maryluise Seidler

  • Member Protection Info Officer: Alison Scott

  • Merchandise Co-ordinator: Jessy Sales-Luis

  • Canteen Co-ordinator: Melinda Green

  • OTT Series Co-ordinator: Jill Strachan

  • Grants Co-ordinator: Jan Sturgess

Colour codes note the level of involvement with the club - red = quite involved, blue = average, green = minimal role, orange = background / as needed.

    The President provides leadership and co-ordination for all RASDEG activities, with both a short term and a strategic planning focus.  Suits someone seeking a leadership role, good communication skills,  takes initiative.

    Responsible for the recording and control of income and expenditure against the budget; presenting a monthly financial report; completing a budget for the year in consultation with the President.  Suits someone organised, at minimum a basic level of financial acumen, good computer skills for Excel Spreadsheets and Gmail.

    Responsible for being the first point of contact for the club from other organisations, club administration duties including coordination of information. Oversees the policies and accreditation requirements, prepares meeting agendas, minutes and tracks actions, misc correspondence etc.  Suits someone organised, good communication skills, takes initiative, good computer skills for Microsoft Word and Gmail.

    Responsible for preparing the event schedule for approval.  Creating a flyer for each competition and posting it on Nominate, ensuring it is delegated to be posted on the website and social media. Downloading entries from Nominate, preparing the draw and workers list before the competition.  Knowledge of EA/EQ/DQ rules and regulations and liaising with these organisations with each event. First point of contact for all competitor questions and troubleshooting leading up to the event day. Suits someone organised, good at planning, good computer skills for Excel Spreadsheets and learning the Nominate system.

    Responsible for liaising with coaches and practitioners to form a clinics schedule throughout the year (including new coaches / practitioners for variety).  Creating a flyer for each clinic and emailing the membership to gather entries.  Posting each clinic on Nominate or ensuring it is delegated to be posted to the website / socials. Gathering entries, preparing a draw.  Suits someone organised, with good interpersonal skills, good computer skills who can use email.

    Responsible for having the iPads ready on competition day with the draws uploaded and working. Troubleshooting any scoring issues on the day of competition and monitoring the results as they come in via the paperless system.  Recording the placings for each class onto a sheet for posting outside the clubhouse for riders to view.  Provide progressive points score results throughout the year to the Website Co-ordinator for publishing, and tally year end points score results.  Suits someone organised, good computer skills for Excel spreadsheets and learning the Nominate system.

    Provides 2IC support to President; steps in if the President is unable to fulfil their duties throughout the term.

    Responsible for liaising with QRIC to organise the series.  Ensuring QRIC's needs are met to allow the club to receive the grants/sponsorship for these events. Suits someone with good communication skills and a love of TBs.

    Responsible for keeping the website updated with relevant club information; formulating and sending out a bi-monthly newsletter to members; keeping the email membership list updated.  Suits someone creative, with great communication skills, good computer skills to learn the Wix website, Mailchimp newsletter system and Canva graphics (all very user friendly).

    Responsible for keeping the official Facebook page and 'RASDEG inc' Facebook group updated regularly and keeping members engaged.  Answering messages on the pages (finding out answers if not known and responding), creating Events for clinics and competitions throughout the year.  Suits someone creative and with good computer skills who uses social media regularly.

    Responsible for keeping an annual calendar of available grants, co-ordinate planning of grant applications incl identifying possible projects, writing of grant applications and advising the Executive committee.  Suits someone with great written communication skills, good computer skills (all are submitted via websites).

    Responsible for helping source volunteers for each competition if short on riders to fill roles.  Promote the "Gold Club" program to Members (where they volunteer for a whole day without riding = prize at end of year and club discounts).  Keep a record of Gold Club members.  Suits someone with good interpersonal skills.

    Responsible for securing sponsorships for major competitions (excluding OTT series).  Liaising with the ongoing club sponsors to ensure they are happy; ensuring sponsors are well-represented with the club on social media, website, newsletters (delegate to Social Media Officer etc). Suits someone with good interpersonal skills.

    Responsible for processing membership applications received via Nominate and sending information pack to new members / renewing members. Sending an updated a monthly membership list to Committee.  Suits someone with good computer skills who can use email.

    Responsible for emailing a variety of Judges at the beginning of the year to fill places in all competitions for the year. Includes a responsibility to follow up with judges closer to the competition to re-confirm.  Suits someone with some basic organisation skills who can use email.

    Responsible for ensuring the canteen operates at each event (has supplies etc). This does not mean you have to physically run the canteen at every event, just be responsible for it happening.  Suits someone with good interpersonal skills and a knowledge of food preparation.

    Responsible for undertaking regular RASDEG merchandise stock-takes and liaising with the Executive committee to re-order as required. Merchandise includes caps, polo shirts and saddle pads.  Suits someone with basic organisational skills.

    Responsible for planning and running the EOY Christmas Party and liaising with various committee members to achieve this.  Suits someone who enjoys planning.

    Responsible for identifying and managing safety risks and incidents as per the RASDEG Risk Management  Plan and Procedure.  Suits someone with some basic experience / knowledge in this area, or willing to learn.

    This person needs to hold a Certificate in PBTR-Member Protection Information Officer  or be prepared to undertake training (1 day course). A MPIO is the first point of contact for any person considering making a complaint under the MP Policy (abuse, harrassment, inappropriate behaviour) and provides information on the process only to members and the committee.  No conflict resolution is involved. Suits someone with some basic experience / knowledge in this area, or willing to learn, good interpersonal skills.