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Our state branch of Equestrian Australia is Equestrian Queensland and as an associated club of EA and EQ, we are happy to promote the benefits of membership.

RASDEG acknowledges the funding contribution by Equestrian Qld to our annual clinic programs

Funding through this program makes a big difference for a smaller Club like RASDEG and we know that our members get a lot of benefit from our clinic days.

EA Membership


Includes many benefits depending on membership level which can include:

  • Access to Participant or Competitive Competitions

  • 24/7 Insurance (which also allows you to ride on the RASDEG Grounds outside of scheduled events)

  • Pathways and education to becoming a Judge or Official 

  • Access to coaching

Full details can be found on the EQ website here.

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The Equestrian Queensland (EQ) Leaderboard is an initiative that was introduced from 2017 to encourage participation of grassroots level riders and to increase support of participant level classes and EQ Affiliated Clubs in the disciplines of Dressage, Jumping & Eventing.

There are several awards within the EQ Leaderboard:

  • Participant awards for each level within each discipline

  • Inter Club Challenge award: across the disciplines of Dressage, Jumping and Eventing to recognise the club that has had club members participating across all disciplines in the participant leaderboard


For the Participant Classes of Preparatory, Preliminary and Novice.

For RASDEG EQ Leaderboard Date for the current year, please check the RASDEG calendar page

Consider taking part in the EQ Leaderboard to have fun whilst supporting RASDEG and the other grassroots clubs of QLD.

View more information and the Current Leaderboard Here.

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